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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 149: Please, My Dear Wife

Carl discovered that there were many similar questions on the Internet.

But the following answers are essentially the same:

"How long have you been knelt down to him?"

"It is impossible. Before you can make him kneel down, you will give in first."


"There was once a person who asked this question. Then ... he died."


What the hell were these comments?

Carl looked at many similar posts and found that they had basically the same answers.

There was also a poster came back to answer his own question with only one sentence. "Kneeling down doesn’t feel that bad!"

Carl threw his phone aside and sat down to deal with the documents.

He was also very desperate for being unable to defeat Leonardo.


It took Leonardo 20 minutes to get home.

Although Summer asked the stylists to go back, they were unwilling to leave.

She had no choice but to serve them tea in the living room, while she went to the kitchen to cook dinner leisurely.

When Leonardo returned, they had already drunk enough tea. When they saw Leonardo, it was as if they saw a savior. "Mr. Emerson!"

Leonardo glanced at them and asked the bodyguard, "Where is Mrs. Emerson?"

"She is in the kitchen." The bodyguard pointed at the kitchen.

Summer was reading the recipe. She had been thinking about some new dishes recently. She planned to try one tonight.

Just as she was reading the recipe, she heard footsteps coming from outside the door.

Somewhat miraculously, she knew that Leonardo had returned the moment she heard the footsteps.

She pretended not to notice him and continued to focus on her recipe.

Leonardo walked over and saw the recipe in her hand from behind her. Seeing the name of one dish on it, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Bitter gourd mousse?"

"You're back," Summer said without turning her head, her tone extremely cold.

Leonardo pulled out the book from her hand and lifted it high, taking advantage of his height. Summer turned around and tried to stand on tiptoe to get the book, but she was much shorter than him and couldn't even touch the book.

Summer had been angry before that, and now she was even angrier.

She kicked Leonardo's shin angrily.copy right hot novel pub