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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 147: The Smartest One

Even though Alexander had been away for many years, he still had great prestige at home.

During the meal, no one said a word.

After dinner, Leonardo stood up and said, "We still have work to do. Please excuse us."

Summer was a little surprised. She didn't expect Leonardo to leave so soon.

Hearing that, Alexander looked up at him and said, "Okay."

Although Alexander and Leonardo only exchanged a few words, Summer somehow felt that they had had a big conversation.

Leonardo brought Summer out of the house, who was still in a daze.

Back in the car, Summer was still puzzled.

"You and my grandfather, what's going on?" She really couldn't understand this silent battle between them masters.

"He will look for me." Leonardo smiled coldly.

Summer didn't know if that would happen, but she was sure that Alexander would check on her soon.


The next day was Friday.

Summer went to the company early in the morning and heard that the old chairman was here.

Just as Summer sat down, she received a phone call from Vicky.

Vicky said unhappily, "Grandpa asked you to come to his office."

Then Vicky hung up.

Summer went to the chairman's office and discovered that Lynn and Vicky were both there.

It seemed that she was not the only one that Alexander wanted to talk to.

Neither Lynn nor Vicky looked cheerful.

Lynn was wearing a long face. It seemed that he had been scolded by Alexander.

Vicky felt that Summer was looking at her, so she glared coldly at Summer.

Alexander did not notice the tension between them and asked Summer to sit down.

Summer was even more confused.

Lynn and Vicky were both standing. But Alexander wanted her to sit?

"Ignore them. Sit down. I want to ask you something." When Alexander's gaze fell on Lynn, he coldly snorted, "Black sheep!"

Hearing that, Summer had to sit down.

"I know what you have been through all these years. And I know what they've done." Summer was surprised to hear Alexander say that.copy right hot novel pub