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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 144: I Can Help You

Leonardo arrived right after Jessica left.

His limited-edition Bentley, which was said to be worth tens of millions, drew a lot of attention at the entrance of the mall.

Summer hastily opened the car door and got in, urging him, "Let's go."

Leonardo did not listen to her. Instead, he leaned over and buckled her seat belt. Then, he put one hand on the back of her chair and the other on the car door, asking in this intimate position, "You don't look good. What have you guys watched?"

Summer ducked back, as was her habit and said, "A fantasy film."

"Is it a tragedy?"


"Then why you look unhappy?" As Leonardo spoke, he reached out to touch her cheek.

Summer dodged to the side and avoided his hand. The hand lost the target and froze in the air.

He didn't look embarrassed, but somewhat an overwhelming pressure came to Summer, making her uncomfortable.

She finally gave in to the stress she had been fighting these days.

"Did you have anything to do with Marco’s father's death?" She looked so disturbed.

Leonardo looked up. His inky eyes were as deep as bottomless whirlpools. His voice was gravelly and cold as he said, "What else did you guess?"

"Are you admitting it?" Summer looked at him in disbelief, her voice trembling.

She really didn't understand Leonardo.

Although she had been through a lot and seen things, she still couldn't stomach how Leonardo played with others' lives.

The two men who kidnapped her were fugitives, and they would have been shot to death if they had been captured by the police, so Summer could live with it.

But this time, Leonardo finished off Marco’s father in such a short time, which sent shivers down Summer's spine.

"He deserved to die." Leonardo smiled with bloodthirsty ruthlessness. "All of them did. Billy will not be the last one."

Marco’s father was called Billy.

"You're smart. You can find the murderer and hand him over to the police..copy right hot novel pub