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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 143: A Chilling Sensation

Hearing that, Summer was shocked. Carl pointed at Douglas and asked, "You mean this kid hired a goon to commit a murder, seriously?"

Douglas glared at Carl. "I’m not a kid."

Evan looked at Carl seriously and said, "We are working on the case. Don't interrupt."

Carl waved his hand and nodded. "Fine. Continue."

Evan turned to look at Douglas and asked, "Where were you at six this morning?"

Although Summer sensed that Douglas was a little nervous, he was not intimidated and answered frankly, "I was sleeping at home."

"Was there a witness?" Evan nodded.

Just as Summer was about to speak, Evan glanced at her and said to Douglas, "Family members don't count."

This way, Summer and Leonardo could not be considered as witnesses.

The statement-taking couldn’t go on from here.

Although Douglas was identified as a suspect, the police did not have any direct evidence or witnesses to pin the crime on him. Therefore, they could only let him leave first. But Douglas had to be prepared to be summoned at any time.


Douglas and Carl knew each other.

They had been talking ever since they came out of the police station.

However, Summer was not as relaxed as them.

Who told Marco about Leonardo's mother?

It was most likely his relatives or friends.

Back then, Leonardo's mother had been held hostage in a horrible place, and was assaulted. Other than the kidnappers and the Emersons, the ones who would know about this could only be the residents nearby.

The location of the kidnapping was an abandoned factory which must have been even more deserted more than a decades ago. But as long as someone lived close, there was a good chance they would find something.

What if Marco's father was in the know?

Summer remembered how those two people ended up when Leonardo came to her rescue. A shudder rose up in her.

"Summer, where are you going? Get in the car."

Douglas’s call dragged her to reality. She found the other three were standing in front of the car, staring at her, while she was still walking forward.

"Sorry." She quickly turned back. "I was thinking about something...."

Before getting in, she asked them as if something occurred to her, "Where are you going?"

Carl said, "I am heading for Tip Top. I will drop you off if that is your destination, too.copy right hot novel pub