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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 142: Hired a Killer to Murder

After a whole day, Summer did not see Lynn in the company.

Summer asked a colleague who had a good relationship with her, "Didn't the chairman come to the company today?"

Her colleague looked around and mysteriously said, "I heard that the chairman has gone abroad."

Hearing this, Summer's expression darkened slightly. At this critical moment, why did Lynn suddenly go abroad?

Suddenly, she remembered what she had said to Lynn.

Could it be that Lynn was going abroad to invite Alexander back?

The words she had said to Lynn before could be considered decisive.

Although Lynn's business methods weren't good, when it came to interests, he could be clear-headed.

Summer thought of Leonardo's mother in a daze.

Back then, the kidnapping case was finally defined as malicious kidnapping for ransom, but in the end, because it angered the kidnappers, it caused the kidnappers to kill the hostage.

However, Leonardo's mother was not simply killed by them, but humiliated to death by those people.

If they only wanted money, and if the Emerson family really wanted to save Leonardo's mother, they would never let things get to that point.

Then there are two possibilities.

First, the purpose of those people was to kill Leonardo's mother from the very beginning.

Secondly, some people of the Emerson family didn't want to save Leonardo's mother because they wanted her to die!

Back then, the kidnapping case had caused a great sensation. The newspaper said that it took a few days to find Leonardo and his mother. However, if the kidnappers only wanted money, they should have contacted the Emerson family on their own initiative. No matter what, Leonardo and his mother shouldn't be found a few days later.

All the details and judgments could not withstand scrutiny at all.

Other people would definitely be able to think of the problems that she could think of, and Leonardo would be able to think of them even more.

Most of the time, people would forget things that had nothing to do with them. Even if they have doubts and puzzles, they would just think about it and then forgot. After all, it had nothing to do with them.

However, Leonardo was different. She was his biological mother. In front of him, she was insulted by a group of men...

All these years, he must have lived in hatred and self-blame.

That was why he had such a gloomy aura.

That was why he didn't show up in front of anyone.

That was why when she was kidnapped by those two men, Leonardo went to save her and made such a vicious move.

He had always wanted to force Alexander back to country. Could it be that Alexander had something to do with the kidnapping case back then?


Summer was so shocked that the documents in her hand fell to the ground before she regained her senses.

She seemed to know what Leonardo wanted to do.

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