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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 140: Don't Bother Me

The shameless man grabbed her hand and touched her face as soon as he got in the car.

Sitting in front was Tim and Douglas. Where did she put her face?

When she put away his hand away for so many times, the shameless man smiled and said, "You are too obedient today. I just want to touch you."

Summer looked at him with a fake smile. "Am I a cat? You want to touch me when you think I am obedient?"

"Of course not." Leonardo gently pinched her hand and said, "It's not enough to touch you once."

Summer twitched the corner of her mouth and turned to look at the two people sitting in front of her.

He noticed that both Tim and Douglas were sitting upright, staring straight ahead.

But their shoulders were trembling. They were laughing!

Summer was so angry that she kicked Leonardo.

It was not very painful.

But Leonardo also knew that he couldn't piss her off enough.


When the car stopped at the entrance of the villa, Summer was the first to jump out of the car. It was as if a ghost was chasing after her and she entered the villa at a high speed.

Douglas followed closely behind.

However, a voice that sounded like from the King of Hell came from behind him, "Douglas, go to the study and wait for me."

Douglas stopped and turned to look at Leonardo with a fawning smile, "Leonardo, I will definitely not fight next time. I know I was wrong."

"I know." Leonardo replied noncommittally, but he did not say that he could not go to the study.

Therefore, Douglas finally went to the study.

He stayed in the office uneasily for a while before Leonardo came in.

"Tell me, why are you fighting?" Leonardo walked straight to sit opposite Douglas, his tone extremely calm.

Normally, Leonardo looked cold and indifferent, but people who were familiar with him could still easily sense his emotional changes.

"I had a quarrel with my classmates. We fought with each other." After Douglas finished speaking, he said seriously, "Leonardo, I really know that I was wrong. I won't fight with my classmates casually in the future."

His pledge and admission of wrongdoing did not stop Leonardo from asking, "I asked you why you fought."

Leonardo stared fixedly at Douglas. His black eyes were so calm that no emotions could be seen, but they revealed a trace of insight.

Facing his gaze, Douglas felt that he could not conceal anything from Leonardo.copy right hot novel pub