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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 131: Don't Try to Escape Me for the Rest of Your Life

Leonardo's expression was as gloomy as his tone. His gaze at Summer was as cold as ice with the rare irritation, as if he couldn't wait for her to hurry away.

Ever since Summer received Carl's phone call and came over from home, her mind had been in a turmoil.

An inexplicable worry and uneasiness wrapped around her. Only when she saw Leonardo standing in front of her and talking to her did she feel a little relieved.

"Do you think I want to find you?" Summer smiled, not willing to be outdone.

Almost immediately, Leonardo tried to chase her away, "Then why aren't you leaving?"

Summer pursed her lips and did not say anything else. She turned around and left.

Carl said Leonardo was treating her specially, that was bullshit.

Leonardo was a moody devil. She would never know when she had offended him again.

Summer walked to the door and turned the handle, only to find that the door did not move at all.

She tried a few more times, but the door was still motionless.

Someone locked the door outside!

It was Carl who called her, and it was also Carl who closed the door after she entered.

However, other than his pale face, Leonardo didn't seem to be in trouble at all, and he even wanted to chase her away.

Then why did Carl lock her up with Leonardo?

No matter how unreliable Carl was, he was as cowardly as her in front of Leonardo.

She turned around to look for Leonardo and saw him sitting by the bed with a gloomy expression. His pale face had actually begun to turn ruddy.

"Why are you back?"

Leonardo's voice was cold and impatient.

However, when he looked at her, his eyes were the opposite of his icy tone.

It was struggle, suppression, and sexual desire inside.

Summer couldn't help but take a step back. She clenched her hands tightly and said with uncertainty, "Are... are you drugged?"

When he came out of the bathroom, his body was cold and he was obviously taking a cold shower.

After she entered, Carl locked the door.

Summer was not a child. Although she had never been in love, she had written the script. Although she didn't experience it, she had known something about it. Naturally, she thought about this.

"This is the last chance. Leave immediately."

Leonardo did not answer her question, nor did he deny it, which meant that Summer had guessed right.copy right hot novel pub