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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 128: She Could Never Guess Right

Summer's heart skipped a beat and she refused in a hurry, "I'm very grateful for your kindness, but I really don't need it. I have to go to work now, or I'll be late."

Saying goodbye to Sophie, she got off the car and dashed.

Adams watched Summer hurry away through the car window, with the smile in his eyes gradually fading.

He knew that Summer and Leonardo were having trouble recently because Leonardo had lied to her.

However, she had just called him Adams in keeping with Leonardo in order to distance herself from him.


Summer entered the company with some doubts in her heart.

Why would Adams say such strange words to her?

The way he looked at her was like he was looking at another person through her.

Lost in thought, she did not notice Vicky walking towards her.

It wasn't until she spoke that Summer noticed her.

"Summer, how did you do on the mission that Dad gave you?"

In front of her, Vicky always kept the proud look with her chin raised high, wanting to be superior to Summer.

Summer thought of what Adams had said before, and a trace of inquiry flashed through her slightly narrowed eyes. "Not much. If you're willing, you can ask Dad to leave this task to you."

This was truly an impossible task, which was forced on Summer by Lynn.

However, Vicky didn't lose her temper. Instead, she brushed her hair and said confidently, "I will. Don't think that others can't do what you can't."

Summer felt that these words were quite appropriate for Vicky.

"Ok, good luck then." Summer's indifferent tone instantly angered Vicky.

However, Summer left before Vicky could lose her temper.


After Vicky accepted the task of persuading Adams to endorse the products of the Jarrett Group, she rarely showed up in the company.

Summer did not pay much attention to it.

Although she was still confused by Adams’ words that day, she did not take them to heart.

Being self-aware, she did not think that Adams would have any feelings for her during these brief contacts.copy right hot novel pub