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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 122: I Believe in You

At the end of the meeting, Lynn turned to look at Summer and said gently, "Summer, come to my office."


Summer knew what Lynn was about to say.

When the person suggested that Adams should endorse their products, Lynn was excited.

Obviously, Lynn was interested in this suggestion.

Summer walked towards the meeting room. She was blocked by Vicky. Vicky had been waiting at the door for a long time.

"What's the matter?" The perfume of Vicky was strong. Summer didn't like it and took half a step back.

Although Summer didn't say anything, Vicky felt Summer disdained her.

Vicky was angry. She said sternly, "Summer, although you persuaded Leonardo to help the Jarrett Group and Dad praised you, don't forget who gave this to you!"

Recently, most people ignored Vicky in the group.

The employees curried favor with Summer. Lynn limited Vicky's power. Although Vicky was the Project Manager, she was powerless.

Vicky had a strong sense of crisis.

"Did you give it to me?"

Summer smiled and said slowly, "The engagement with the Emersons was decided by grandfather. My life was given by my parents. I have to thank them. I won't forget who have given this to me."

"Summer!" Vicky was furious.

Ever since Vicky was young, Summer was always worse than her.

Vicky asked Karen to force Summer to marry Leonardo. Vicky thought Summer would be killed by that monster, Leonardo.

Unexpectedly, Summer lived a better life than her.

Vicky was jealous of Summer.

'Summer is ugly and unfashionable. How could she live a better life than me?'

Vicky couldn't bear it. Summer must die!

"Recently, you often lose the temper. Ask Mom to cook some soup for you." Then Summer pushed her aside gently and said, "Dad is waiting for me in the office. I have to go."

Vicky looked at Summer's back with hatred. She clenched her hands and bit her lips tightly. She didn't notice that she broke her lips.


It was in Lynn's office.

"Dad, what's the matter?" Although Summer had guessed Lynn's thoughts, she pretended to know nothing about it.copy right hot novel pub