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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 120: I Love You

A small leak would sink a great ship.

Moreover, the scandals of the Jarrett Group had been exposed.

Summer had a premonition that the Jarrett Group didn't solve the problem and it was the beginning of the disaster.

No matter how much investment and cooperation they received, it would be in vain if no consumers would be willing to buy their products.

With the rapid development of Internet, they couldn't underestimate the impact of the Internet. The news was spread quickly online.

Once the Jarrett Group took action, someone would release the scandals of the Jarrett Group. Then consumers would boycott the Jarrett Group's products.

The Jarrett Group had many competitors. The consumers had many choices. They didn't rely on the Jarrett Group's products.

After knowing Leonardo's purpose, the more Summer thought about it, the colder she felt.

On the surface, Leonardo helped the Jarrett Group, but his real goal was to crack down on the Jarrett Group.


After the car stopped at the door of the villa, Summer opened the door and jumped down.

It was winter. It was getting colder day by day.

A gust of cold wind blew over. Summer shivered. Her face turned paler.

She walked into the hall and didn't see Leonardo.

The bodyguard was smart. He said, "Mrs. Emerson, Mr. Emerson is in the study."

Summer went straight to Leonardo's study.

It seemed that he had just returned. He didn't take off his coat. He was looking for a book.

After he heard the door open, he turned around and saw Summer. He smiled faintly. Summer wasn't sure if he smiled.


Then he turned around and continued to look for the book on the bookshelf.

Summer came up to him, held his arm, and pulled him to face to face with her.

She stared at Leonardo's eyes and said word by word, "What do you want to do? Have the Jarrett Group offended you?"

Leonardo retracted his arm and covered Summer's hand. "Your hand is so cold."

He held her hands.

His palms were so warm that Summer didn't pull her hands back.copy right hot novel pub