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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 12 Believe it or Not

Summer was disgusted by her mean attitude, "It is nonsense."

“You know it's not bullshit.” Vicky snorted, "Dare you say you don't like Jerome?"

Summer bowed her head and kept silent.

She dare not say that.

Yep, she had always been fond of Jerome.

At this time, Vicky suddenly exclaimed, "Jerome!"

Summer raised her head and saw Jerome coming back again.

She looked at Jerome nervously, having no idea how much he had heard.

However, Jerome did not look at her.

Summer knew that Jerome must have heard their talking.

Vicky was very satisfied with his reaction. She smiled and comforted him, "Jerome, don't feel sorry. Summer has been married, and we also can be together finally."

This was the normal reaction of being entangled by such an ugly and stupid woman. She didn't know why Leonardo’s cousin was entangled with Summer.

Maybe he just wanted to try something different and to seek excitement.

"Summer, are you married?" Jerome turned to look at Summer.

"Yep, she told me she would get married one day and that it could be better to marry into the Emerson family than to marry an ordinary person. I also advised her that although the Emerson family is rich, such a husband...”

Vicky stopped, shaking her head and looking sad.

But Summer understood that Vicky said she married into the Emerson family just for money.

Jerome frowned and looked at Summer in disappointment, "Anyway, thank you for replacing Vicky to marry into the Emerson family."

Vicky also showed a grateful expression, "Yeah, if you didn't replace me to marry into the Emerson family, I couldn’t be together with Jerome."

Summer bit her lips hard and said in a gruff voice, "It's not like what she said."

Though she wouldn’t be with Jerome all her life, she didn’t want to be misunderstood as a greedy person by him.

Jerome frowned, "Summer, you don't have to explain. I can understand you.copy right hot novel pub