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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 107: I Will Wait For You Tonight

After returning to the villa, Summer sat by the window with her laptop in her hand. While writing, she paid attention to whether there was a car coming back from outside.

Finally, a black car drove over when it was already evening.

The driver got off the car and opened the door of the back seat. "Douglas" got off.

Summer's eyesight was good, and she immediately recognized that the driver was Tim.

Tim was Leonardo's assistant, but he often drove for "Douglas."

"Douglas" got off the car and told Tim something. Tim respectfully nodded and listened.

Summer took out her phone to send a text message to Leonardo.

After sending the text message, she noticed that "Douglas" looked up to her direction. Fortunately, her curtains had been closed, revealing a slit only.

He looked over and said something to Tim, then lowered his head and took out phone from his pocket...

It was too far. She couldn't see clearly what he was looking at.

However, her heartbeat suddenly accelerated.

What Little Douglas said and all sorts of signs indicated that "Douglas" might be Leonardo, but Summer still could not believe that this was true.

She didn't even dare to confront him.

This was too ridiculous!

"Douglas" was a very cautious person. If he was Leonardo, he would have just received her text message. In this way, it was normal for him to subconsciously look in the direction of her room when he received the text message.

In order not to arouse his suspicion, Summer changed into her home uniform, messed up her hair, and lay on the bed pretending to be asleep.

Not long after, someone knocked on the door.


Summer had been in a bad mood all day. She was lying on the bed and was about to fall asleep. But suddenly she heard someone calling her.

She was not very clear-headed, so she walked over and opened the door in a daze, asking, "Who is there?"

When the door opened, she finally saw that the person standing at the door was "Douglas."

Leonardo looked her up and down and saw that she was in low spirits with narrowed eyes. He frowned and asked, "What's wrong? Are you feeling bad?"

Summer suddenly woke up and said in a hoarse voice, "No, I was sleeping.copy right hot novel pub