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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 106: Could You Be My Girlfriend?

In the Tip Top Media Company.

Leonardo was in a meeting when the phone on the table suddenly vibrated.

He lowered his head and looked at his phone. With a single glance, the cold expression on his face eased.

Then, he picked up his phone and left the conference room.

As soon as he left, the people below, who didn't dare to speak, became alive. They all asked Carl, "Who called the president?"

"His wife, of course!" Carl could know that it was Summer who called him without even looking at Leonardo's phone.

"The president has a wife??"

"Right. A person with a bad temper like him can find a wife. Why haven't I...?"


After closing the door of the conference room, Leonardo answered the call.

Before he spoke, Summer said gently, "Where are you? I'll prepare your lunch at noon."

Her voice was soft, but now she deliberately slowed down her tone, making it seem gentler.

Summer wanted to prepare lunch for him!

What was wrong with her today?

"Are you at home?"


"Then I'll come back and have lunch."

"OK." Anyway, her goal was not to deliver food to him.


At noon, "Douglas" came back on time.

Summer brought the soup to the table and saw him enter the dining room.

"You came back just in time. You can eat now." Summer's apron hadn't been taken off yet. She stood at the other end of the dining table and looked at him with a smile.

Leonardo slightly felt that Summer was a little strange today.

However, he just quietly looked her up and down, and then sat down to eat.

Summer discovered that "Douglas" was much focused when he was doing something, even eating. It was as if he could only saw the bowl in front of him and did not look at anything else.

Summer took out her phone from her pocket and took a photo of Douglas's clear side view.

"Douglas" looked at her thoughtfully. His pair of ink-like deep eyes seemed to be able to see through people.copy right hot novel pub