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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 105: Continuing This Farce

At this time, Summer was extremely shocked.

She walked over to the young man and asked him with a serious expression, "What is your relationship with the Emerson family?"

"Relatives." The young man had an indifferent expression on his face, and then added with great vigilance, "But I'm not close to them, and I don't have any money!"

This brat lived in her house without permission, but now he was the one who was on guard. Was it because he was afraid that she would kidnap him and ask the Emerson family for money?

"Are you really called Douglas Emerson?" Summer quietly asked, "How many people in your family are called Douglas Emerson?"

"Why are you asking this?" The vigilance in the young man's eyes was even deeper, but because of his young age, his immature appearance did not seem to be a deterrent.

Although she did not know how this child entered her room and lived in it, she could tell that he was not a child who could be easily fooled.

He spoke with a foreign accent. It was clear that he should have lived abroad for a long time.

There were all sorts of signs that he might have run away from home!

Summer curled her lips and smiled, saying, "Did you run away from home? I bet you aren't used to living in this kind of place. Should I ask your family to pick you up?"

He glared at her and immediately became anxious, shouting, "No way! I paid great efforts to come out."

Her guess was correct.

"You know that there is a crime called trespassing, right?" Summer smiled and said.

Little Douglas's expression changed when he heard this, and there was a trace of panic his eyes. He said loudly, "I am the only one in our family called Douglas!"

He lived abroad most of the time, and occasionally came home for vacations. He was unfamiliar with this country, so he was a little afraid of Summer's threat.

When Summer heard his words, she was somewhat dumbfounded.

If there was only one Douglas in the Emerson family, then who was that Douglas in home now?

She stared at Little Douglas in front of her for a while. Little Douglas was scared, and he said, "What's wrong with you?"

Just as Summer was about to speak, a sudden sound interrupted Summer's thought.

Little Douglas looked at her awkwardly, and then pretended to be fierce and said loudly, "What are you looking at? Have you never heard a hungry stomach shout?"

Those two persons called "Douglas" had the same bad temper!


In the restaurant, Summer watched Little Douglas eat up three bowls of beef noodles.

The place where she rented the house was a slum in Hoover City, so there weren't any decent restaurants nearby. But there were a lot of small diners.

Little Douglas disliked this kind of diner at the beginning. But perhaps he was too hungry, he still followed her in.

After sitting down and tasting it, his eyes lit up.

To thank Summer for this meal, he almost answered every question she asked.

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