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Predestined Marriage

Chapter 103: Are You Crazy?

When Summer arrived at the company, the first thing she did was to meet Vicky.

However, there was nobody in Vicky's office.

Summer asked Vicky’s assistant, "Hasn't she come yet?"

The assistant shook her head.

Summer's mood became even more complex.

If Douglas and Vicky were really dating, she would feel that it was like putting a pretty flower on a piece of dog poo.

Douglas looked arrogant and presumptuous. But after spending the past two months with him, Summer felt that his private life was quite simple, not as chaotic as Vicky's.


Because of the exposure, the Jarrett Group's reputation in the market had plummeted. The discussion on the Internet was very intense, and even everyone scolded it.

Forty-eight hours had passed since that had been exposed to the public. If they didn't find a way to solve the problem, it would only become even worse.

The PR department did not silence the uproar. Perhaps because it was too big, the company talked to the platform, but the platform did not agree to suppress the heated discussions online.

The Jarrett Group was currently in a very passive state.

At noon, Summer heard news that the Jarrett Group had already announced that a press conference would be held in the afternoon.

However, Vicky didn't come to the company. However, Lynn made a call to Summer, asking her to go to his office.

Lynn had been very anxious these past few days. He looked as if he were ten years older and had a lot whiter hair.

As soon as he saw Summer, he hurriedly said, "Summer, I have already sent someone to help you find the black card. The company has decided to hold a press conference this afternoon, and then you ask Leonardo to help us. After this period of time has passed, this problem will be smoothly solved."

Summer directly ignored his suggestion, asking, "So do you find it?"

The black card was clearly in Lynn's hands, but he was still unwilling to hand it over. He even lied to her and said that he had sent someone to look for it. He clearly wanted to get something for nothing.

Of course, Summer would not be fooled.

"Not yet. We should be able to find it. The most important thing at present is to solve the matter of extreme urgency that the Jarrett Group is facing." Lynn was not satisfied with Summer's reaction.

Summer did not have the patience to waste any more time with Lynn. She smiled faintly, saying, "That black card is Leonardo's secondary card.copy right hot novel pub