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Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies By Pink Dolphin

Powerful Papa With Triplet Babies Chapter 183

Chapter 183 Perhaps her children had noticed an abnormality in her recent behavior, but telling her children thetruth felt like she was doing something wrong in front of them.

She headed home alone at night, drowning in her own thoughts.

She felt as though she could barely breathe from all the pressure in life and itwas only when she was with her children that she could forget about the troubles for a while.

Ultimately, all the pressure she was feeling originated from Anthony.

The next day at work, she went to the restroom to pour herself a glass of water and found her gossiping colleagues falling into silenceas soon as she returned.

The awkward atmosphere was painfully obvious and Anne wondered how she had become the topic oftheir gossip.

Her colleague that sat across from her asked, "Anne, do you pay attention to scandals or things like that?”

She hesitated for a moment and asked,"Like what happened with Michelle Grainger, you mean?"

"Do you know about the scandals concerning the Marwoods?" "Yeah.

Aren’t you Mr.

Marwood's girlfriend?" "If you marry into the Marwood Family, you should get to know his family better.” Anne smiled bitterly and said, “It’s not true.

Me and him...it's not what you think...what scandal are you talking about?” She turned to open the news onher computer while asking, and immediately spotted the headline that said, 'Mrs.

Marwood found to be a homewrecker and the Marwood couple are currently in the process of getting a divorce.’ She neednot ask to know who the headline was referring to.

No matter what happened, Sarah simply could not seem to shake the accusation of her being the homewrecker.

However, the one thing that concerned Anne was another link above the headline that said,’ Homewrecker Sarah Vallois and a certain pioneer in the educationindustry are close friends.'

Anne could not help but click into it and saw the news of a suicide case in Pinnacle Academy from five years ago, there were debates on whether the school had handled the situation with justice and proper consideration.

At the time, the internet had been broadly used, so there were no public announcements as to what had happened, how it ended, and whether theschool had abused their power.

With the press highlighting the incident, it sparked a heated discussion about the accident five years ago.

Some of the students' parents even went onto interviews, demanding a refund of the tuition fees because they did not want their children to study in such a horribleacademy.copy right hot novel pub

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