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Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies By Pink Dolphin

Powerful Papa With Triplet Babies Chapter 181

Chapter 181

The three hurried to her and held onto her legs.

Anne chuckled and set the bags in her hands down to wrapher arms around them.

Every time she was apart from her children, she would miss them dearly.

The triplets immediately noticed the bandage on her forehead.

"Mama, what happened to your head?"

"Did you fall, Mama?"

“Does it hurt, Mama?” Chloe asked with tearsgathering in her eyes.

Not wanting to worry them, she immediately said, "It doesn't hurt.

I just fell.

It really feels like nothing!"

"What did you hit? I will break it!” Charlie said.

Just as she was about to say something, she noticed Lucas walking over.

"If there's something in the way, you should get rid of it,” he said with a mature tonethat naturally made people respect him.

She hastily let go of the children and bowed.

“Hello, Mr.


Lucas glanced at her forehead and picked up the bags on the floor.

"Come in."

She realized that she should not be standing at someone else’s door and went inside with thechildren.

Anne felt embarrassed at how caring Lucas was, not only did he offer to let the children stay with him, heeven helped her carry the bags when he had no reasons to help her.

"What do you want to drink?" Lucas paused for a moment.

"I heard from the children that you like milk?"

Anne blushed because she only drank milk when her children could not finish theirs.

“I’m fine.

Um, Mr.

Newman, can I buy you dinner?” She suggested.

“Is it safe?” He asked.

Instantly understanding what he meant, she hesitated and said, "It should be fine.

I can't be that unlucky." 1

He pointed at the kitchen.

“Dinner is already ready.

Join us for now, and buy me dinner another time.copy right hot novel pub

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