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Powerful Papa with Triplet Babies By Pink Dolphin

Powerful Papa With Triplet Babies Chapter 179

Chapter 179 “I‘m done over here. What about you? Are you still at the hotel?” Bianca asked.

“I already left.”

“I just thought that maybe we can grab some food if you aren‘t full already. Sorry about tonight,” she said.

Anne remained dazed at the beginning when her mouth was covered, but she started to run out of air. It becaule sullocating, and she struggled to move the hand on her moutlı, but it would not budge, so she simply tried to wiggle out of it.

“Where are you now? still not going to rest?” Bianca asked. “In my study room. It‘s still early,” Anthony said.

“I knew it. It‘s quiet on your side. Alright, go back to your thing then!”


After the call, he moved his hand away from Anne‘s face.

She coughed as fresh air flowed into her lungs. “Ugh! What are you doing... Ahem!” Eventually, the coughing eased, and she looked up in tears as she struggled to focus on Anthony‘s face, but her vision was blurred from the lack of oxygen. “That was Bianca, right? If you are that afraid that she‘s going to find out about me, you shouldn‘t be here, to begin with.

He grabbed her by the jaw and pulled her up roughly before pinning her against the counter.” Didn‘t I tell you never to show your face in front of me again?” She grunted in pain and bit her lips, feeling like her jaw would be dislocated at any moment. She scowled because she did not even remember how she appeared in front of Anthony.copy right hot novel pub

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