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Me Before You

Chapter 894

After a while, Daniel Taylor moved his eyes from the document to Anna who was still sleeping soundly. He had a bad premonition, "she has been sleeping for so long, is she ok? Why am I feeling so worried?"

He stretched out his hand and gently patted Anna on the cheek, "Anna, wake up."

However, Anna just mumbled, pushed away his hand, turned around, and slept again.

At this moment, Daniel Taylor was completely shocked. He rushed downstairs and yelled, "Mom, Lisa, come here quickly."

Mother Taylor and Lisa heard him calling them anxiously and they came out in a hurry. Mother Taylor almost bumped into the tea table because she was so anxious that she didn’t pay attention to anything. She looked at her son’s anxious appearance and asked worriedly, "What’s the matter? Is there something wrong?"

"Yes, Mom." Daniel Taylor nodded anxiously, "Anna has been sleeping for several hours, I tried to wake her up but she didn’t wake up. Mom, do you think there is something wrong with her?"

Mother Taylor heard the reason behind her son’s worry and instead of getting worried, she began to laugh. She turned to Lisa, who was also laughing and said, "look at him, I don’t know how can I raise such a silly man. It’s really hard for me to admit that the fool in front of me is actually my capable, resolute and daring son."

Daniel Taylor was teased by his mother, but he wasn’t angry. He asked again, "Mom, don’t you think it is not good for Anna to sleep like this? Shall I wake her up? Don’t laugh. Tell me."

Mother Taylor smiled and explained patiently, "It’s normal for a pregnant woman to be a little sleepy. You shouldn’t disturb her. Since this pregnancy, Anna has suffered a lot. It’s good if she is having a sound sleep. Let her sleep."

After saying that, she saw that Daniel Taylor was still standing there, and said in a deep voice, "Daniel, mom knows about these things, ok? Don’t you trust mom? Your wife is ok. Go up and just accompany her."

As soon as Mother Taylor completed her sentence, she saw Daniel Taylor going upstairs. Mother Taylor looked at his back and whispered, "Why do I feel that I have raised this son for others?"

Lisa helped Mother Taylor sat down and said with a smile, "Just by seeing Daniel so concerned about Anna, you began to feel jealous? In fact, you should be happy."

Mother Taylor heard Lisa and laughed, "You are right. That’s why old people say, children can take care of themselves when they grow up, parents shouldn’t try to take control of everything."


Daniel Taylor went back to his bedroom and looked at Anna who was still asleep. He breathed anxiously. However, he recalled Mother Taylor’s words and tried to calm down.

So, the whole afternoon, Daniel Taylor just looked at the documents halfheartedly and from time to time looked up at asleep Anna. He was so worried that he was often lost in his thoughts. That’s why Jack Smith was completely shocked when he came to know that Mr. Taylor hasn’t seen all the documents after he came to pick up his signed documents in the evening.

"Mr. Taylor, those documents are urgent.copy right hot novel pub