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Me Before You

Chapter 879

Therefore, even after the pain of pregnancy and vomiting, she tried her best to hold on. Whenever she ate, she vomited it out, but she always forced herself to eat more, because she wanted to let the little guy grow up healthily, and she was not afraid to bear hardships for him.

After all, this little guy was the proof that she and Sir once loved each other.

When she thought of her baby, she couldn’t help but have a fresh and dazzling look on her face. In the past, she read a magazine in which they wrote an article that when a woman got pregnant, the whole person would radiate the brilliance of motherhood.

At that time, she pointed to the magazine and said to Daniel Taylor, "Sir, look at this, this description is too fake! How can a pregnant woman radiate the brilliance of motherhood? It’s just nonsense."

But now she got pregnant and she could really feel that every day was full of surprises, and every day she liked to talk to her baby.

From time to time, she wanted to vomit all the things in her stomach, but after each vomiting, she forced herself to eat something, because only enough food can ensure the nutrition that her little baby needs every day to grow up.

She had asked Aiden to help her with her temporary leave from school. After all, she didn’t know how to face the questioning eyes of her classmates and teachers. What’s more, she didn’t know how to face Sir.

Anna’s heart suddenly sank when she thought of the man who once treated her so well. Although she has convinced herself, still she can’t help but feel heartache when she thought of that person.

She stood up slowly and looked at the sun rising in the sky. She said to herself, "Sir, have you found the right person?"

Even with this thought, her heart seemed to suffer endlessly, but she still wished him a very happy life.

On the other side, the man she was thinking about happened to appear in the living room of Kevin’s house. Their families have very good terms, so Mrs. Kevin was very kind to him.

"What? Alan hung up your phone? I’ll call him right now and ask him to come back! Daniel, just wait for a moment." She said so and got up to call Alan Kevin.

Daniel Taylor was uncomfortably sitting on the sofa, waiting for Alan Kevin. He didn’t know whether it was God’s blessing or something. After a while, the gate was pushed open from the outside, "Mom! There are guests at home! Come out quickly!"

Alan Kevin took off his shoes without lifting his head, but he was shocked when his arm was suddenly held by someone. Seeing the person who was holding him, he was even more shocked, "Mr… Mr… Mr Taylor..."

Daniel Taylor didn’t care about the panic in Alan Kevin’s eyes. He asked in a deep voice, "where is Anna? You must know where she is, don’t you?"

Alan Kevin looked at the anxious Daniel Taylor and answered softly, "I’m sorry, Mr Taylor, I don’t know...copy right hot novel pub