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Me Before You

Chapter 877

Jack Smith soon came back to Daniel Taylor, and reported, "President Taylor, I have inquired the school. Anna has completed all the formalities and has taken temporary leave. They said a teenager helped her do all the formalities."

Daniel Taylor suddenly came to the spirit, "Teenager? Does the school know who is it?"

Jack Smith shook his head, "No one in the school recognized him, but I think Alan Kevin should know. After all, he is in the same school as Anna, and his girlfriend and Anna are best friends and roommates."

This really implicated that Alan Kevin should know something about Anna’s sudden disappearance.

Daniel Taylor immediately said, "Why are you still standing here? Get in touch with Alan Kevin."

Jack Smith wryly smiled and shook his head, "President Taylor, I don’t have Alan Kevin’s telephone number."

Daniel Taylor also began to look for Alan Kevin’s contact number on his mobile phone, and suddenly growled, "Damn it, I don’t have it either!"

Jack Smith thought for a while and said, "master John Peter should have, he and Alan Kevin are in a team."

Daniel Taylor just paused for a while and then did not hesitate to call John Peter who was far away abroad.

John Peter, who was sleeping on the other side of the earth, got disturbed by his mobile phone’s continuous ringing. He looked down and saw that it was Daniel Taylor’s call, then he unhappily threw his cell phone away.

But the other side was determined to talk to him. Daniel Taylor’s call hasn’t been answered, but he kept on calling. After a long time, John Peter reluctantly pressed the answer key, "uncle, do you know what time it is? It’s two a.m."

Daniel Taylor said coldly, "Do you have Alan Kevin’s mobile phone number? Send it to me quickly!"

After saying this, he hung up the phone directly.

John Peter angrily stared at the mobile phone. In the face of Daniel Taylor’s overbearing nature, he frowned with disgust, but he suddenly had a bad premonition.

Alan Kevin? What does uncle want from him? In addition to attending the same school as Anna, Alan basically has nothing that can help uncle. Then, it means… something is wrong with Anna, is it?" With this thought, John Peter quickly picked up the mobile phone and dialed Alan Kevin’s phone number.

But Alan Kevin didn’t answer. John Peter impatiently walked back and forth in the bedroom, and murmured, "Man! What the hell is going on? Pick it up! At this point, you should not be asleep."

Fortunately, when John Peter was scolding Alan Kevin, he answered the phone. He impatiently asked, "Alan, is Anna in trouble?"

Alan Kevin immediately froze. He looked at his mobile phone very suspiciously. He even had a doubt whether his mobile phone was installed with some tracking equipment.copy right hot novel pub