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Me Before You

Chapter 874

For the first time, Daniel Taylor canceled all his meetings. However, instead of staying at home with Anna, he chose to go to Jincheng, calling it a business trip to deal with urgent affairs, but deep inside, he knew that he was afraid to confront Anna.

Yes… Daniel Taylor, who was not afraid of anything, was afraid to face Anna.

He didn’t dare to face Anna, her anger, her confusion, and above all, her tears.

On the battlefield, even in the face of fierce enemies, he never relented, nor was he afraid. But now, he has become such a man who was afraid to face a woman.

Daniel Taylor grinned bitterly and shook his head. He looked at himself in the mirror, "Daniel Taylor, aren’t you a real man who claims to be fearless? Have you seen your real ability? You didn’t even dare to listen to Anna’s explanation! You’re just a fucking coward."

He wasn’t only afraid to face Anna, he was also afraid to hear Jack Smith’s puzzlement , and, mother and sister’s questions.

Thinking of the heartbreaking scene that he saw yesterday, Daniel Taylor wished he was still sitting in a wheelchair, so that he didn’t have to see the scene that hurt him deeply, and he didn’t have to be so miserable and desperate!

Although he and Anna got married by an agreement, after marriage, he was gradually attracted by her. Her twinkling eyes, her smile, her joy, and even her anger started affecting all his emotions. And when he saw her in another man’s arm with his own eyes, he really felt that he lost!

Lost to the guy named Henry Michael!

Although he was unwilling to admit it, he still had to admit that Henry Michael looked more compatible with Anna. That’s why he entrusted Jack Smith with the matter of handling divorce because he was really afraid to see Anna in a hurry for leaving him!

After a while, his phone rang, he looked down at the familiar phone number, and then pressed the answer button, "sister."

On the other end of the phone, Olivia Taylor’s angry voice sounded instantly, "Daniel Taylor! Where have you been? I have heard about your divorce from Jack Smith, do you really want to divorce Anna? You, how can you..."

Daniel Taylor said calmly, "Yes, I’m going to divorce her."

Olivia Taylor was completely stunned, and then she said eagerly, "Daniel, are you sure you don't want to reconsider? After all, you and Anna have been in love for such a long time. How can you suddenly take such a decision? What’s more, every husband and wife quarrels and have conflicts. But there is always reconciliation after each quarrel. You’d better think about it again. After all, it’s rare to find a girl like Anna…"

Olivia Taylor said a lot, but Daniel Taylor was still silent. Even her mouth was dry after constant nagging, but she can’t help and ask again, "Daniel, do you really want to do it? Is it your last decision?"

Daniel Taylor was silent for a while and then said, "Yes!"

Olivia Taylor sighed and said, "Daniel, since you were young, you always take your decision yourself. Fine, I have said everything I should say. If you still want to divorce Anna, you can do whatever you want."

Then she hung up.

Daniel Taylor was staring at the mobile phone, and his heart was also very uneasy, "sister, in fact, I don’t want to! But to give her the happiness that she wants, I can only let her go...copy right hot novel pub