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Me Before You

Chapter 865

At the same time, Emily Woodley and Mrs. Woodley entered Taylor’s house. They heard Mother Taylor laughing wholeheartedly with Lisa and hurried over, "What’s going on? You look so happy. Share the good news and let me laugh with you."

Emily Woodley walked over with a smile and looked at Mother Taylor, "Yeah, Mrs Taylor, I also want to know the good news! You are laughing so happily that you look ten years younger."

Mother Taylor smiled at Mrs. Woodley and praised Emily Woodley, "your daughter is really sweet! I am happy because it seems that Anna is expecting!"

Mrs. Woodley exclaimed, "Really? That’s great. You’ve been looking forward to this child for such a long time. After this child, the rumors about Daniel will be stopped. Those people are too much, they didn’t even think before spreading such rumors!"

Mother Taylor nodded with a smile, "Yes! Those blackhearted people said that there is something wrong with Daniel. Now this news will shut their mouth up. There is no problem with our Daniel!"

Mrs. Woodley and Mother Taylor were laughing and talking about this happily. Emily Woodley thought about it for a while, then she quietly walked out, took out her phone and dialed a phone number.

Soon the phone was answered, and Emily Woodley said in a hurry, "Isabella! Where on the earth did you travel? When will you come back? Do you know Anna is pregnant? She is about to become the real hostess of the Taylor family now."

There was a shocking cry from the other end of the phone, "What? Is she really pregnant?"

Emily Woodley nodded and said in a deep voice, "mom and I are in Taylor’s house now. Mrs Taylor has been laughing so hard that she can’t close her mouth. Do you think it can be fake?"

After that, she paused, thought about something and said, "you’d better come back soon."

Then she heard her mother calling her inside, "Emily, where are you?"

Emily Woodley heard her mother and said, "I’m coming."

Then she said to Isabella Brown in a hurry, "Isabella, mom was calling me. Anyway, come back soon, and we will talk about it later."

Then she ran into the room with a smile and sat on the side, listening to the chatting between Mrs. Woodley and Mrs. Taylor. From time to time, they said something funny and the overall atmosphere was very harmonious.copy right hot novel pub