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Me Before You

Chapter 862

The next day, the sun was high in the sky, but Anna couldn’t get up. On the contrary, the man beside her dressed up and went to work leaving a piggy like wife, alone in bed to regain her energy.

Near noon, Olivia Taylor quietly pointed upstairs and asked mother Taylor, "Mom, were they really fierce last night?"

Mother Taylor could clearly see her daughter’s gossipy appearance. She couldn’t help but poke her forehead, "you are still such a nosy parker! You even want to gossip about your brother. Aren’t you afraid of him staring at you with a straight face?"

Olivia Taylor thought of Daniel’s face, which was indeed terrible. She couldn’t help but shrunk and said, "Forget it! But it’s noon soon. Don’t you want me to wake Anna to come down for lunch? Or Daniel will come back and blame us for not taking good care of his wife."

Mother Taylor hesitated for a moment, then nodded, "ok! Go upstairs and ask Anna to come downstairs to eat. Although I’m glad that they are in a good relationship, your brother is too unrestrained. Oh, forget it. Go and have a look. If Anna is really tired and doesn’t want to come down, don’t force her..."

Olivia Taylor went upstairs quietly, walked to the door of Daniel Taylor’s room, stopped for a moment, then knocked on the door gently and called in a low voice, "Anna, are you awake? It’s time for lunch! Today, Lisa specially cooked your favorite fried chicken. Would you like to eat it?"

Anna, who was still lying stiff like a corpse, heard Olivia Taylor mentioning food and immediately jumped up, "sister, I am coming in a minute!"

But as she tried to get up, she found that her legs were too weak and fatigued. She shouted into the air, "bastard! If I let you succeed next time, I won’t be surnamed Stark!"

After roaring, she suddenly realized that he would be very happy to hear that, because if she won’t be surnamed Stark, she would have to be surnamed Taylor!

Isn’t that what he wants?

Anna immediately changed her oath and said, "if I let you succeed again, I would beat you so much that you can’t see anyone!"

After roaring, she felt that she had recovered a little, and then she struggled to walk downstairs. It took her more than half an hour to reach the dining table.

Under Mother Taylor’s and Olivia Taylor’s teasing gaze, Anna played dumb. Then she held her belly and asked, "Mom, sister, can we eat something? I’m going to faint with hunger!"

Sure enough, Mother Taylor immediately called out to the kitchen, "Lisa, bring the food! Anna is hungry!"

After that, she pointed to Anna, who was sitting next to her, "You’re... Forget it. I won’t blame you. When Daniel comes back, I will teach him a good lesson! Even if you two are young, you can’t be so indulgent…"

Anna, who had been nodding her head all the time, couldn’t help being choked by her own saliva.

Olivia Taylor laughed happily, and from time to time winked at Mother Taylor, "Mom, they are young, it will be OK, right Anna?"

Anna’s embarrassed face became even more red.

At the same time, Daniel Taylor came back.copy right hot novel pub