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Me Before You

Chapter 860

After the class, Anna went to the toilet, but she was surrounded by a group of girls at the door of the toilet.

She couldn’t count how many hateful eyes started at her with disgust. She said in a deep voice, "I don’t have any relationship with Henry Michael. If you like him, you can tell him by yourself! Although I know that the people who pursue him are many, still he is not my favorite man at all."

A girl with colorful hair glared at Anna and said in a cold voice, "Anna! Aren’t you too self-obsessed? How dare you talk to me like this and show off in front of me? Believe it or not. I’ll tear you apart."

Anna angrily responded with a smile, "Tear me apart? Do you think you’re a gangster? Let me tell you. This is a society ruled by law. If you really do something to me, you can try it and see if I will sue you or not!"

The girl was immediately infuriated, and her hand was raised toward Anna’s face.

Anna’s mind was in a chaotic state. She secretly resented that if she could bear it and avoid this fight. She didn’t know what Sir would do when he knows that she had taken the initiative to fight again in the university. Most probably, he would he be angry and ignore her!

The girl’s hand didn’t wave down.

Anna lowered her head and couldn’t help but breathed a sigh of relief. It seemed that the girl was still in her senses.

But when she raised her head and was ready to preach to the girl, suddenly a pair of dark eyes, made her loss her voice, and she couldn’t even say a word.

Daniel Taylor thought of scene he had just seen now, and he just wanted to kill people. He glared at the girl with colored hair and other girls standing beside her. He roared in a cold voice, "get lost!"

Then the girls fled away.

Daniel Taylor’s eyes were so terrible. How can those little girls stand a man who has been on the battlefield for years? It was not on a combat level at all!

Anna finally found her voice and asked in a low voice, "Sir, why are you here?"

Looking at her with trembling voice, Daniel Taylor turned coldly and walked toward the stairs. But he didn’t saw her coming. After a while, he turned around with a cold face and whispered to her, "follow me!"

Although his voice was so good to hear, still Anna could hear the tremor in his voice, he sounded angry and discontent!

Anna swallowed saliva, and then whispered, "Sir, I...copy right hot novel pub