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Me Before You

Chapter 846

They went upstairs but Anna still held him tightly, just like a koala bear. It seemed that even death won’t separate them.

Daniel Taylor, who was regarded as a tree, looked at the woman in his arms with tenderness in his eyes.

As soon as they entered the bedroom, Anna let him go, picked up her laptop and started doing her work.

Daniel Taylor took two people's clothes and went to the bathroom.

Hearing the sound of water, Anna remembered that she hasn’t updated her blog for a long time, so her fingertips quickly moved on the keyboard.

Daniel Taylor took a shower and saw Anna still busy. He didn’t disturb her, took his tablet, sat on the bed and waited for her.

After a while, Anna stretched out, found that he had taken shower and sat on the bed, she also rushed to the bathroom.

When she was halfway there, she suddenly remembered that she didn't pick up her clothes, so she cried out, "Sir, did you put my clothes inside?"

Daniel Taylor didn’t lift his head and said, "already put on the shelf!"

Anna took a comfortable bath. Then quickly came out and got into the warm quilt.

Daniel Taylor allowed her to keep herself warm. His eyebrows didn't wrinkle. Suddenly, he thought of something and reached out to touch her abdomen.

Anna was tickled by him and laughed, "Sir, itchy! Ha ha..."

Daniel Taylor touched her slightly cold abdomen, frowned and said, "Do you have your periods?"

Anna shook her head, "not yet, you know, my periods has always been irregular."

Daniel Taylor thought for a while and said, "let’s go to Shawn Hamilton for a routine checkup some other day."

Anna nodded and very meekly nestled in his arms. She sighed comfortably.

Daniel Taylor didn't move her, but he was thinking about something else. Anna called him three times, but he didn't hear it.

"Sir, what are you thinking?" Anna gently shook his arm to let him come back to his senses.

"What's the matter?" Daniel Taylor turned and looked at her, "What did you just say? I didn't hear you."

Anna said in a low voice, "Sir, I was asking you, if my novel will be turned into a movie, who do you think is better to play the role of Mr. Y?"

Daniel Taylor shook his head, "I'm not familiar with the entertainment circle, you'd better decide it by yourself." Then he looked at Anna, who was thinking something, and added, "don't let your favorite male actors play it!"

Anna couldn't help laughing, and pointing to his face, "Sir, can it be a little less obvious? I can smell the jealousy.copy right hot novel pub