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Me Before You

Chapter 845

Mr. Jason looked at the back of Daniel Taylor and Jack Smith beside him, and said in a low voice, "Daniel Taylor! The man beside him is Jack Smith, his personal assistant. Daniel Taylor was in the army before. Since he was injured, he has entered the business industry and made great achievements!"

Henry Michael heard the praise in Jason's words and said with disdain, "Isn’t it the position in army relying on the background?"

Mr. Jason shook his head, "if you think that Daniel Taylor's achievements are all based on his family’s background, then you are very wrong."

Henry Michael was not interested in staying longer here. He nodded and asked, "where is the car parked?"

Mr. Jason pointed to the car not far away, and saw that Henry Michael had turned and walked towards that side.

When Daniel Taylor closed the door, he saw Henry Michael's back and frowned.

Anna saw that he has come back. She immediately ran out of the kitchen, and called him, "Sir? Why did you come back so early today?"

Daniel Taylor hugged the little girl, who ran towards him with a smile, "Well, if you don’t like that I came back early, then I'll go to work overtime for a while, ok?"

With that, he moved towards the door.

Anna chucked her lips in displeasure and called him, "Sir! Don't go."

Daniel Taylor looked at her with a smile, and his eyes were full of tenderness, "What? Don't you dislike that I came back early?"

Anna turned away unhappily and didn’t see him again.

Daniel Taylor thought of the man outside the door, hesitated for a moment, and then casually asked, "by the way, how can the general manager of The Michael group be here?"

Anna exclaimed in surprise, "What? He hasn’t left yet?"

Daniel Taylor suddenly narrowed his eyes and asked in a deep voice, "haven't left yet? What's going on? Did he send you back?"

Anna turned her back to him, didn’t notice his dangerous aura and complained in a low voice, "He has been following me out of the school gate! He also commented on my figure. I really feel speechless in front of such a man."

"He has been following you? How dare he, I'll go out and ask why he's harassing you."

Anna saw that he really wanted to rush out and interrogates Henry Michael. She hugged him in a hurry and explained, "this isn’t a serious matter. He just came to ask me why I refused to cooperate with him. I'm really speechless. He refused to cooperate with us first!"

Daniel Taylor looked at Anna’s sincere expression, he put down his heart a little and looked at her hands full of flour. He asked in a deep voice, "what are you doing?"

Anna was stunned. Then she looked down at the white powder on her hands, screamed and ran to the kitchen, "handmade noodles!"

Daniel Taylor smiled and saw her cute figure disappearing in front of him.

He pulled off his tie and walked toward the second floor, but unconsciously remembered the figure of the man he saw outside the door, "Henry Michael?"


In the car, Mr. Jason kept looking at Henry Michael in the back seat and asked in a deep voice, "What you were doing in Jiangfu garden? As I remember, that wasn't on your schedule today."

Henry Michael didn't say anything. He looked down at himself in the mirror, frowned and behaved cool from time to time. Finally, he put down his mobile phone and asked Mr.copy right hot novel pub