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Me Before You

Chapter 843

Anna was shocked for a while, and then she whispered, "Claire, are you ok?"

Claire Ashley smiled for a moment. Without turning around, she said, "Of course, I am ok. what can happen to me? After all, being a star is better than selling shoes. At least you don't have to kneel in front of people."

Anna, "…"

Claire Ashley didn’t look back, walked to the door, and surrounded by her assistant and bodyguards, she went downstairs.

Anna looked at the beautiful shadow not far away and murmured, "May god bless you!"

After that, Anna continued to pack up her things.

When she was cleaning up, she suddenly heard the door opening sound. She raised her head and saw Eiza Preston coming in.

Since the last conversation, Anna has not been alone with Eiza Preston, and Eiza Preston has become even gloomier. She often peeps at Anna secretly, which made Anna feel very uncomfortable.

Eiza Preston entered the room and saw Anna. She was stunned because she was used to the lifeless dormitory. Anna come to the dormitory occasionally. Since Claire Ashley's family went bankrupt, Claire Ashley stopped living here and Vanessa Cameron also didn't come back all day.

Eiza Preston was basically the only one in the dormitory. So, she felt very strange to see Anna here. She hesitated for a moment, then opened her mouth and asked, "Anna, are you back for your stuff?"

Anna didn't expect that Eiza Preston would even talk to her. Although she felt strange, still she nodded out of politeness, "Yes, to take some books."

"Oh", Eiza Preston uttered a sound and then asked in a low voice, "by the way, did you just see Claire Ashley’s proud appearance? It seems she started considering herself invincible. It's really uncomfortable to see her like this! She’s just a star, but she got so many assistants and bodyguards. What a pretentious woman!"

Anna frowned, but didn’t say anything.

Seeing Anna didn’t say anything, Eiza Preston immediately felt motivated and continued "Anna, do you know how Claire Ashley told me about you before? She said you’re a bitch, you not only want to hook up with John Peter, but also..."

Anna could not help but shout, "enough!"

Eiza Preston was stunned, and then she thought Anna didn’t believe her. She added, "you don’t believe it? All our classmates can testify. If you don't believe me, ask them whether Claire Ashley has told them this or..."

Anna looked at Eiza Preston disappointedly. She didn’t pay attention to her anymore and went straight to the door.

She just opened the door and saw Claire Ashley standing at the door, but Eiza Preston, who was eager to convince Anna, couldn’t see Claire Ashley standing there. She was still behind Anna and said garrulously, "Claire Ashley has said too much about you and even worse, she..copy right hot novel pub