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Me Before You

Chapter 838

Anna looked at her suspiciously, "what’s the matter? Miss Carole, is Mr. Taylor busy?"

Miss Carole said to Anna earnestly, "Anna, I know that you can’t forget Mr. Taylor, but I think it’s not appropriate for you to come to him now. After you both are divorced. What do you think?"

Anna knew that Miss Carole’s intentions weren’t wrong, so she said with a smile, "I know, but Miss Carole, I’m looking for Mr. Taylor for something urgent."

Miss Carole looked at her suspiciously. Her questioning eyes seemed to be checking whether what she said was true or not.

Anna saw Jack Smith from a distance and called him, "Jack Smith!"

As soon as Jack Smith came towards her side, she looked at Miss Carole with a smile and said, "Goodbye, Miss Carole."

Jack Smith just came over, looked at Anna and asked with a smile, "Anna, how did you come here?"

Anna explained, "there is no class in the afternoon. I want to come to Mr. Taylor. There is something important."

Miss Carole looked at Anna, who was chatting and laughing with Jack Smith. She shook her head and walked away to do her work.

Jack Smith looked at Miss Carole’s attitude and asked, "What Miss Carole was saying to you? Is she trying to persuade you again?"

Anna smiles bitterly and nodded, "is it so obvious on my face?"

Jack Smith just smiled and didn’t say anything.

Anna nodded helplessly, "well, I admit that I am convinced by Miss Carole! I’d better leave Sir’s side, or I’ll be really hurt if I had to listen to it repeatedly!"

Jack Smith immediately seemed worried and advised Anna, "Don’t be so loud while saying such a thing. If President Taylor heard it, I cannot protect you!"

Anna laughed at him playfully, "Oh? Then I can only pray that he won’t hear me."

But suddenly she saw that Jack Smith squeezed his eyes towards her. Anna didn’t understand his hint and asked, "Jack Smith, what’s the matter? Have you got sand in your eyes? But there is no sand in the office!"

Suddenly a deep voice reached Anna’s ear, "what can’t I hear? Are you two hiding something from me?"

Anna had a bitter face and she looked at Jack Smith. Jack Smith coughed slightly and said without changing his face, "Mr. Taylor, I have to copy the documents of the meeting. I will go now."

With that, he ran away with no sense of righteousness.

Anna stared at Jack Smith’s back with hatred, and scolded, "this man really have no conscience."

However, the man behind her was approaching her and she didn’t have time to care about Jack Smith any more. She turned to Daniel Taylor and waved with a smile, "surprise!"

Daniel Taylor scrupulously glanced at her and quietly turned into the office.copy right hot novel pub