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Me Before You

Chapter 823

With eyes full of a doting smile, Daniel Taylor looked at his little cutie. His eyes were full of tenderness and he gives her a kiss gently.

Who ever thought, Anna would grab his neck and give him an eager response!

With that, the passionate desire of the two overwhelmed each other. When the two people lie down again, Anna was hell tired.

In the face of her "hostile" eyes, Daniel Taylor was very calm and said to her, "who ask you to seduce me?"

Anna was so angry that she wanted to get up, but because of her weak waist, she could only keep lying there and threatened with hatred, "Sir, I want to run away from this home!"

With this sentence, she succeeded in getting fervent gaze of Daniel Taylor.

Anna held up his chin and said with a smile, "Sir, do you think we should make some basic rules? So that I won’t have to run away from home."

Daniel Taylor moved closer with a smile and caressed her back, which made Anna shrink back. However, her body was too soft at the moment, and she had no strength to avoid his big hands.

Finally, she fell into the clutches of Daniel Taylor. She gritted her teeth helplessly and suffered the happy feeling of the him stroking her body. She only dared to beg for mercy in a tender voice, "Sir, it’s my mistake!"

Daniel Taylor looked at her with a sneer, and then whispered, "you weren’t very cocky just now? How dare you threaten me to run away from home? In order to prevent you from doing so, I can only make you have no strength to think anything like this!"

With that, he bent down to kiss her lips!

The next day, Daniel Taylor got up, looked at Anna who was sleeping soundly, gave her a good morning kiss, and went down to work.

Anna slept till late. She was awakened by the sun rays. She looked at the alarm clock and screamed "ah"!

Then she quickly put on her clothes and rushed downstairs.

Lisa laughingly looked at Anna’s anxious and flustered appearance and said with a smile, "Anna, don’t be in a hurry, come and have some breakfast!"

Anna quickly rushed to the door and said sorry to Lisa, "Lisa, I’m going to be late for class! I will eat it after coming back!"

Lisa looked at Anna running like this, shook her head with a smile and sighed, "it’s nice to be young."

Then she suddenly remembered something and called mother Taylor, "Madam, do you know? The relationship between Daniel and Anna is so good..."

Anna, with her utmost efforts arrived at the classroom one second before the bell rang.

Vanessa Cameron saw her and waved at her.

Anna walked past, and in a tired and paralyzed look, leaned on the table.

Vanessa Cameron managed to squeeze out a smile. Anna thought about the last night scene, opened her mouth and asked, "Vanessa Cameron..copy right hot novel pub