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Me Before You

Chapter 811

The most important point was that Claire Ashley was a very talented person among all the contestants. She has learned dancing well since she was a child. Now participating in this kind of program was tantamount to providing a right stage for her.

Anna thought of the time when Claire Ashley dreamed of being popular and now she seemed to have fulfilled her dream.

Soon, Claire Ashley came in from the outside. Her classmates saw her and with the same enthusiasm they went to her, "Claire, I like you so much, can you give me your autograph?"

Their classmate has become a star and all of them felt very proud.

That TV Program was so popular now. If Claire Ashley managed to win a position, she should be able to make a direct debut in the future.

Claire Ashley sat down with a good attitude, "Sure, come one by one."

She didn’t seem arrogant at all.

Everyone knew that she was very popular these days. When they looked at her so down-to-earth appearance, they cannot help but praise.

Eiza Preston sat aside and looked at Claire Ashley. She thought of the time when Claire Ashley’s family went bankrupt and she bullied her. She was very guilty and nervous because she was afraid that Claire Ashley will come to settle accounts with her.

Anna also thought so. With Claire Ashley’s personality, she must retaliate back, but Claire Ashley did not. It seemed as if she did not remember Eiza Preston’s attitude.


In the afternoon, when Anna got home, she saw Lisa watching a Talent show on the TV, which was the same program that Claire Ashley participated in. Lisa saw Claire Ashley in the TV and said, "isn’t this the girlfriend of Young Master John?"

Anna said, "yes."

Claire Ashley’s popularity was very high, since she participated in the program, her popularity ranking has been in the top five.

Moreover, no one knew whether she was affected by the bankruptcy of her family. But she had had a very modest attitude and she was no longer as arrogant as before.

People always experience failure before growing up. Anna can feel that Claire Ashley has grown up.copy right hot novel pub