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Me Before You

Chapter 805

Anna laughed, "then I will accompany you."

She put the mobile phone aside, did not hang up, and took the laptop to work.

Even though they were far away, but the call has been connected and there was a sense of togetherness as if the other side was also around. Anna worked for a while, and heard the knock.

"Who is it?" Anna felt a little strange and went to open the door.

John Peter was standing at the door.

Anna looked at him, "do you have anything?"

Why he came here to look for her?

John Peter looked at Anna, and his eyes were so complicated that she couldn’t understand, "how was this period of time?"

"Very good." Except that incident of his kiss and the mess Anna had to face after him, Anna felt that everything else was good.

John Peter glanced in a meaningful way, "Because I wasn’t here, so, you had a very happy time, right?"

After hearing her answer, he couldn’t help asking.

He always wished that Anna can say something nice to him.

But Anna didn’t…

"Yes." Anna didn’t have any mood to coax him, "You don’t have to come here to say this to me. If there’s nothing wrong, I will continue my work."

Her cold attitude made John Peter’s heart ache. He stopped her, "what? Afraid to see me?"

"Of course, I’m afraid that you’ll lose your senses." Since the last time he forced her to kiss her, Anna really wanted to stay away from him.

John Peter Yang raised the corners of his mouth, and had the impulse to be angry with the whole world. "Why you were happy when I wasn’t here?"

"Of course, a person stays happy when the person he hates is gone." Anna was talking to him and of course, the last sentence was not good to listen to.

"Anna." John Peter said in a disappointed way, "I like you so much, why I can’t have a little bit of position in your heart?"

Anna looked at this idiot, "Is it something to ask? Of course, I don’t like you. What do you want to do? We are at home. If your grandmother and mother see this, what would they think of you?"

"What will they think?" Irritated by Anna’s attitude, John Peter was angry and didn’t care about anything, "even if I have anything with you, it will only be you who will be kicked out, not me.copy right hot novel pub