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Me Before You

Chapter 804

"Daniel must have bullied you." In the eyes of the Taylor family, Anna was usually very sensible and considerate. If they ever quarreled, the whole family felt that Daniel Taylor did something to make her sad.

Mother Taylor and Olivia Taylor’s favoritism made Anna a little embarrassed.


Soon after they had finished eating, they watched TV and chatted with each other. John Peter came back.

"Baby." Olivia Taylor looked at him, "come here, why you are so thin?"

"..." John Peter looked at his mother and had a headache.

It was her mother who disliked him before, ok? In her eyes, there was only Anna and Uncle.

He came over, sat down, took a look at Anna, and then looked away.

When John Peter left at the beginning, he was angry. Now he came back, and he seemed to have some hidden anger.

There was a feeling to enquire solicitously about sb’s well-being in the atmosphere. Anna felt herself an eyesore. She stood up and said, "I still have some work to do, so I will go up first."

Olivia Taylor also knew the relationship between Anna and John Peter. She nodded, "Ok.copy right hot novel pub