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Me Before You

Chapter 800

Daniel Taylor said this, looked at Anna, and his eyes became gentle.

Anna's eyes fall on his lips unconsciously. Daniel Taylor's lips shape was very good, and people can't help but want to kiss him.

Anna just looked at him and made sure that when she was sleeping, he secretly kissed her.

But Robin Johnson was not present at that time, right?

It would be embarrassing if he had also seen that.

Daniel Taylor looked at Robin Johnson, "Do you have anything?"

"No, nothing. Won't disturb you anymore." Robin Johnson said, walked out of the door, and closed the door.

He just came to talk to Daniel Taylor. Of course, he didn't see Daniel Taylor kissing Anna.

He left the room and suddenly the atmosphere changed. Anna looked at Daniel Taylor, "when did you come over?"

"Just a while ago." Daniel Taylor sat down beside her and gently said, "it seems that our little pig had a good sleep."

"Did you kiss me?" Anna looked at the man in white shirt who was looking extremely handsome today.

Daniel Taylor laughed, "You know it! It seems that you pretended to sleep and let me kiss you on purpose."

"..." This is unfair!

Anna protested, "No, I was really asleep."

When she spoke, Daniel Taylor looked at her all the time.

Anna looked at him and asked many questions in a row, "Why are you looking at me like this? What's more, you're so busy. Why did you come here all of a sudden?"

"I know you're having problems here, so I come here to have a look." Daniel Taylor looked at her, remembering that she had been wronged, he said, "I was not at ease to let you stay here alone.copy right hot novel pub