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Me Before You

Chapter 795

Some people always liked to bully the weakest and they fear the strongest. If it was Anna, who dared to touch them, they will never let her go. But it was Robin Johnson, who threatened them and he looked so frightening that they didn’t dare to say anything.

After coming out of the hospital, the woman Robin Johnson hired to beat people went back first. Because of his special identity, it was inconvenient for him to do it personally and he specially found someone to do it for him.

He drove the car and looked at Anna, "Is your mood better now?"

"..." Anna looked at him and thought that this man is just a devil. He just let people hit Katherine Foy, but still he talked to her with such a calm look, as if nothing happened.

Anna's mood was a little complicated. She didn't know she should say thank you to him or she shouldn’t. She had clearly told herself that she would stay away from this person in the future. But it turned out that she owed him so much.

She looked at him. "Don't you think it was too much to let someone hit her like that?"

"Too much?" Robin Johnson said disapprovingly, "Whoever bullies our Anna, even killing her isn’t too much."

This man's heart is really black, and he can do these bad things easily.

Anna looked at him, "aren't you afraid that I lied to you? Maybe she didn't scold me?"

"It's OK. I believe everything you say, and I'm willing to believe the lies." Robin Johnson remembered how nice Anna has been to Eliza and he considered her a very good girl.copy right hot novel pub