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Me Before You

Chapter 787

And this man just kept on looking at her worried appearance but didn’t explain anything.

Anna thought about this, looked at him and said, "Tonight you will sleep on the sofa."

"..." Daniel Taylor seemed hoodwink, but what is his mistake?

When they got to the underground garage, and got out of the car. Anna received Mother Taylor’s call. Mother Taylor asked about her life in Shanghai. Anna talked with Mother Taylor and she was led into the elevator by Daniel Taylor - He seemed afraid that she would be lost.

There was no one in the elevator. He looked at her talking to his mother on the phone, and from behind, put his arms around her.

Anna was listening to Mother Taylor and his sudden embrace frightened her.

He looked at her side face and white neck, then lowered his head and directly kissed her white shiny skin. Anna hissed. Mother Taylor asked, "Anna, what happened?"

"Nothing, I am OK." Anna hung up the phone in a panic, grabbed his hand and asked the man who had been kissing her, "What are you doing? I was on the phone with mom."

She was embarrassed by him.

Daniel Taylor focused on her, "can't wait, I want you."

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