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Me Before You

Chapter 780

He thought about it all the time and he was very worried about her.

No matter how angry she was, he just wanted her to come back.

After a while, Anna said, "Eliza is lost."


Fifteen minutes later, Daniel Taylor came to her. It was not very far from where they live.

When he got out of the car, he saw Anna standing there waiting for him. Because of the hot weather she was covered in sweat, and he knew she must have been waiting for a long time.

He came to her, "are you okay?"

From his facial features, he didn’t look impatient, or angry with her, but full of concern. Anna remembered that she quarreled with him and vent on him, but he still talked to her like this.

She felt as if something stuck in her heart and she could not speak.

Daniel Taylor looked at her appearance and the way she was unwilling to pay attention to him. He was stupefied for a moment. He stretched out his arms and put her in his arms.

He just got out of the car, the shirt on his body was a little cool, and he felt very comfortable when her hot face stuck on him.

Anna pushed him and said, "I am dirty all over."

Her body was covered with sweat and she didn’t want to put it on him.

Daniel Taylor did not dislike her and apologized to her, "I was wrong. Don't be angry with me, okay?"

Anna did not answer him and said, "Let me go."

Eliza has not been found, Anna had no mind to discuss any other thing.copy right hot novel pub