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Me Before You

Chapter 768

Anna had come to this store before. She has asked about the price. The price of everything here was in five figures. Even if she had found a rich husband now, she didn't dare to squander like this.

For her, a shoe or clothes of a few hundred yuan were enough. She didn’t like to buy too expensive clothes

As soon as she said this, Daniel Taylor took her hand and walked into the store!

According to Mr. Taylor, anything his woman wanted to buy, he should buy for her.

"Welcome." The salesgirl greeted politely.

Anna felt that the voice was a little familiar. She looked at the direction of the voice and saw a familiar face, which made Anna stunned. Claire Ashley?

Since the bankruptcy of the Ashley family, Claire Ashley was no longer as high-profile as before. She started behaving like a modest and humble person. She ran away with one's tail between one's leg, and she didn't cause any trouble. You can't see her anywhere except in class.

Some people said that she worked outside. Anna did not see her before. It was the first time.

Claire Ashley was also stunned to see Anna and Daniel Taylor.copy right hot novel pub