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Me Before You

Chapter 760

Anna said, "He is coming back today. In a while, I'll go to pick him up."

Originally, Daniel Taylor said that he would come back to see her at the weekend, but he didn't come back. She waited for more than a month. Now finally, she came to know that he will be back today, and due to excitement, she couldn't sleep well for the last two nights.

Mother Taylor asked in surprise, "Really? He didn't even tell me he would be back today."

Anna smiled, "He probably wants to give you a surprise."

After breakfast, Anna went to the airport by car. She knew it was a little early, but she couldn't wait to see Daniel Taylor. She came to the airport an hour earlier.


Isabella Brown didn't get up until noon because of her pregnancy.

She had just come downstairs when she saw the Wallner family sitting on the sofa.

She had made an appointment to go to the hospital for the examination this afternoon. By the way, she wanted to make an appointment for her abortion.

Unexpectedly, the Wallner family has come to her house.

Mrs. Wallner looked at Isabella Brown and smiled softly, "Isabella, good morning."

Her eyes fell on her stomach. Just by thinking that there's their Wallner family's baby in it, Mrs. Wallner was very excited.

Since Isabella Brown had committed suicide, the Wallner family always behaved very cautiously in front of Isabella Brown. Today, their smile gave Isabella Brown a bad feeling.copy right hot novel pub