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Me Before You

Chapter 756

Daniel Taylor gently stared her, "Who knows. I'll try to come back to see you if I'm free this weekend. When you have something to do, you can call me, or call sister. You can also go to mom and dad. They all love you."

"I know."

Daniel Taylor raised his eyebrows, "do you think I'm very wordy?"

"A little bit."

Daniel Taylor turned over and with the change of posture she was pressed under him. His voice was deep, "do you want to do it now?"

"..." Anna had no face to answer such explicit questions.

She looked away. "I don't want to."

"Are you sure?" Daniel Taylor said, "I will come back after a long time. Don't you want to take advantage of this opportunity? Think clearly?"

"..." Anna stared at him. In fact, she can't bear to leave him for a day. But she wanted to be a sensible wife.


In the morning, the door was knocked, and there sounded the gentle voice of mother Taylor, "Anna, are you awake?"

Anna opened her eyes and woke up from the long nightmare. She had been oppressed by Daniel Taylor for most of the night.copy right hot novel pub