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Me Before You

Chapter 743

Anna guessed, "Are you here to see Isabella Brown?"

Aunt Isabella had an accident. Robin Johnson had a deep relationship with her. In Anna’s mind, it was normal that he came to see her.

Robin Johnson did not deny, he nodded and, "Aunt asked me to go and see her."

Since Isabella Brown's had this accident, his aunt made several calls to him. He had no other way than to come here to see Isabella Brown.

Anna looked at him with complicated eyes and didn't say anything. Robin Johnson looked into her eyes and the way she was looking at him made him feel uncomfortable, "why are you looking at me like this? Don't you believe it?"

"It'd be a wonder if I believe in it."

With this kind of man, Isabella Brown had sex. Anna thought that he came to see Isabella Brown especially. However, it was his own business, and she didn’t want to interfere.

Robin Johnson went to Anna and said, "What happened? Do you want to go to see her with me?"

"I am not interested." Anna didn't want to go.

"Aren’t we friends? If you don't go, what if she bullies me?" Robin Johnson joked.

Anna looked at the smile on his face and said. "She's in such a situation, and you can even laugh?"

Isn't he heartless?

"Why can't I laugh?" Robin Johnson said, "If she wanted to die, it’s her problem!"

No one can help a person who wanted to die!

Robin Johnson had a cold heart, so even if Isabella Brown really died, he would not feel guilty for her.

Robin Johnson was talking to Anna. Daniel Taylor stepped out of the study and saw them talking. He frowned and a sour feeling came in his heart.

Robin Johnson saw him, smiled, and called, "Daniel."

Daniel Taylor came over and looked at Anna. He said to Robin Johnson, "what are you talking about?"

His strong possessiveness for Anna made him dislike Robin Johnson's approach to Anna.

Although Robin Johnson just said two words to Anna, still, it made him feel very uncomfortable. Moreover, the really strange thing was that when Isabella Brown was close to Johnson, he never had such a feeling.

Robin Johnson said with a smile, "what happened to you? Are you afraid that I'll steal your Anna?"

He just said that and he was glared at by Daniel Taylor. In Daniel Taylor’s mind, if someone makes fun of Anna, he will not be happy with that person.copy right hot novel pub