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Me Before You

Chapter 741

Anna didn't think there was any big problem with cooking or eating alone. But Daniel Taylor wasn’t willing to do this.

Daniel Taylor said, "Go to bed early in the evening. I may come back a bit later."

Anna nodded.

Daniel Taylor said this to her and left.


In the evening, at more than 10 o'clock, Daniel Taylor came out of the restaurant after dinner, thinking about whether to call Anna to ask if she slept or not, but he was afraid that he would disturb her if she had already slept.

He just sat in the car and asked the driver to go home, when Robert Peter called him.

He answered, "Hello."

Robert Peter's deep voice reached his ears, "Isabella Brown has committed suicide."

Daniel Taylor was stunned. He looked out of the window.

"She swallowed a lot of sleeping pills and has been sent to the hospital. I thought I should tell you." Robert Peter said on the phone.

Isabella Brown was an optimistic person. It was quite surprising that she did such a thing. No one thought of it and Daniel Taylor also didn't think of it. After all, he always considered Isabella Brown a very selfish woman, how could he do such a thing?

He did not speak and quietly hung up Robert Peter's phone.

There was a sound of a "bang" in the hospital. Simon’s father slapped Simon in the face and said, "Bastard, how can you do this to her? If she can't be saved today, you will see what happen to you."

Isabella Brown was sent to the hospital.copy right hot novel pub