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Me Before You

Chapter 735

He always felt that he owed Daniel Taylor a big favor.

Daniel Taylor nodded politely, looked aside at Isabella Brown, and asked Simon Wallner, "how is the relationship between Mr. Wallner and Mrs. Wallner?"

Isabella Brown heard his question, and her face turned pale. She bit her lip and thought of what happened recently…

The first night after coming back to Jingzhou, she went to talk to her father about her divorce with Simon Wallner. Of course, her father refused. The reason for her father’s refusal was Daniel Taylor. He pursued her to live a good life with Simon Wallner.

It was the first time that she felt her life has become terrible.

Everyone in the family wanted her to be with Simon Wallner, even her godmother who loved her the most, said the same.

To be honest, Wallner family has good conditions. They have a good family business and a good background. It was just that Simon Wallner wasn’t handsome enough. In comparison to Daniel Taylor and Robin Johnson, he was worst.

However, ordinary people can’t even wish to marry into the Wallner family.

Isabella Brown has always been very proud. In her eyes, her marriage with Simon Wallner was a kind of torture for her.

She quarreled with her father that night and ran away from home, but in return, her father blocked her card. In the school there were a lot of bad rumors about her, so she didn’t go to school and has been asking for leave, that’s why she didn’t even have her salary.

So, that night, she almost had to sleep in the street, and in the end, it was Simon Wallner who came to pick her up.

The thought that Daniel Taylor had sent Simon Wallner to her Godmother’s place, and she can’t even take shelter there, made Isabella Brown very angry.

Simon Wallner replied to Daniel Taylor in a polite way, "Very good."

He said this and looped his arm around Isabella Brown’s waist.

Isabella Brown was unwilling to let him hold her.copy right hot novel pub