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Me Before You

Chapter 728

Anna didn’t know how to answer. She didn’t answer and ran upstairs quickly.

She saw Jack Smith standing at the door of the study. He looked worried. She went over and said, "Is he inside?"

Jack Smith’s expression was very serious. He looked at Anna and didn’t speak. Just a pair of eyes stared at Anna and made her feel very guilty.

Anna’s heart suddenly became uneasy. "Is he angry? I’m really sorry. I really had something to do. It was really urgent. That’s why I got late."

Moreover, she didn’t know at all that Daniel Taylor wanted to propose to her…

"Is it the matter with John Peter?" Jack Smith looked at her, opened the photo on his mobile phone and showed it to her, "This… Mr. Taylor has seen it."

Anna looked at the picture in Jack Smith’s mobile phone, and her face suddenly turned pale.

She ran to school and spent so much time dealing with it. She was afraid that it would reach sir, but unexpectedly, he…. He has already seen it.

So, he didn’t wait for her, not because she was late, but because… He saw the picture of John Peter kissing her, right?

Anna’s intention was just to not let him see the photo, but she did not expect that she would make things worse.copy right hot novel pub