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Me Before You

Chapter 719

He regretted indulging her like this.

Anna looked at Daniel Taylor. She saw concern in his serious eyes, and she knew that he was worried about her body. She said, "I got it. What can I eat this morning?"

"..." Daniel Taylor had a headache. Unexpectedly... She was still thinking about eating!

He called Olivia Taylor to let her bring some light porridge from home. He didn’t want to give her too much heavy food for the time being. She had a bad stomach and needed a good rest and break from heavy and spicy food.

Anna was talking with Daniel Taylor, and Shawn Hamilton came in. He knocked on the door and came in wearing a white gown.

Daniel Taylor saw him and said, "Here you are."

"Doctor Shawn." Anna leaned on the pillow, her small face was unhealthy kind of white, and she said hello to him.copy right hot novel pub