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Me Before You

Chapter 701

From the day she had had a relationship with Robin Johnson, she started considering Robin Johnson her own private property. Now after seeing him with Anna, how could she feel comfortable?

Robin Johnson was driving. Anna looked at the map on her mobile phone and told him where she wanted to go.

His cell phone suddenly rang, he pressed to answer and Anna heard a familiar voice from the other side, "Robbie."

Robin Johnson heard this voice and his face fell.

He didn’t expect Isabella Brown to call him at this time. Moreover, his phone was connected with his car, and Anna could also hear this call. But he wasn’t in a hurry to hang up either. After all, disconnecting her call suddenly can make him look guilty and he didn’t think that there was any need to show himself guilty.

Before he could speak, he heard Isabella Brown saying, "I just saw you go out. Where are you going?"

"It’s none of your business."

Anna sat aside and listened carefully.

Isabella Brown’s voice was filled with grievance. "Robbie, let’s have a good chat. I love you very much. Don’t ignore me, OK?"

Isabella Brown said this and her tears fell down.copy right hot novel pub