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Me Before You

Chapter 694

Now in other people's eyes, she was a married woman.

If she tells at this time about her relationship with Robin Johnson and Robin Johnson won't admit it, then she would definitely lose her face.

Robin Johnson didn't sleep until 5 a.m, and woke up at 7 a.m..

The house was quiet in the early morning.

He was in black pajamas, sitting on the bed.

Shawn Hamilton leaned against the window, looking at this man who just got up and looked somewhat anxious, "when did you start this bad sleep problem?"

Since Daniel Taylor was injured, Shawn Hamilton was sent by the Johnson family to take care of Daniel Taylor in Jingzhou.

As for Robin Johnson's inability to sleep well, he found out only recently.

Shawn Hamilton's words made Robin Johnson subconsciously took a look at the pictures of him and Daniel Taylor together on the wall. His hand was on Daniel Taylor's shoulder. His eyes can't help but darkened.

He replied, "After Daniel’s accident."

What's more, he never let people know that he can't sleep well.

"..." His words made Shawn Hamilton pause, "but Daniel has recovered now. How come you haven't got a good sleep?"

"I don't know." Robin Johnson said helplessly.

Shawn Hamilton couldn't help looking at him. "I want to hear the truth."

He can feel that the reason why Robin Johnson can't sleep was not only because of this, but also because of other reasons.

If Robin Johnson didn't tell him everything, he can't help him.

Robin Johnson smiled for a few minutes, obviously refusing Shawn Hamilton's meaning.

He turned to Shawn Hamilton and said, "by the way, I've slept with Isabella Brown."

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