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Me Before You

Chapter 683

It was Isabella Brown who wanted to kiss him. When he dodged, he accidentally touched her and got this lip print.

In the past, Isabella Brown was very dismissive of him, and only Daniel Taylor was in her eyes. For a while, Robin Johnson was in one sided love.

Now, however, Isabella Brown wanted to marry him, but he has no interest in her any more.

He finally threw the shirt directly into the trash can. He didn't plan to wear it again.


On Tuesday evening, Anna was dressed in a short black dress and had a decent but a little dark makeup to attend the banquet at the Brown house. She got off the car and was held by Daniel Taylor.

Anna came to the Brown family for the first time. She looked around and saw the luxurious big villa.

No wonder Isabella Brown is so proud.

Goodness, even if she works all her life, she can't afford the house!

She took Daniel Taylor's hand and said, "She is getting engaged today and we are here. Will she be angry if she sees us?"

Daniel Taylor gave Alfred Brown a week to get Isabella Brown married. Alfred Brown was in a hurry. So he had to get her engaged first.

Last night Anna heard that Alfred Brown called Daniel Taylor, asking a favor for a long time. At last, Daniel Taylor reluctantly agreed.

He came to see the ceremony today because he not only wanted Isabella Brown to marry, but also wanted to watch Isabella Brown getting married with his own eyes.

Daniel Taylor looked at Anna. She had a make-up tonight. It was a little thicker than usual and she looked very beautiful.

Maybe beauty just lies in the eyes of the beholder.

"If I don’t want to see her angry, what am I doing here?"

"..." Anna was speechless. The man of her house was right, she had no way to refute his words.copy right hot novel pub