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Me Before You

Chapter 679

Daniel Taylor, "..."

Of course, he had seen Eliza.

But he doesn’t think he likes her.

Daniel Taylor asked, "Don’t you think she's abnormal?"

Elizabeth Johnson was a mental patient with abnormal behavior and she occasionally causes trouble.

Anna did not hesitate to look at Daniel Taylor, "She is okay! She's just different from us, and she's very cute."

Her sincere expression surprised Daniel Taylor. He said, "She has some mental problems. Her family thinks she is a lunatic."

He didn't expect that Anna didn’t care about this at all. She even liked Elizabeth Johnson very much.

Anna said, "She is just sick, just like when you were in a wheelchair before, this isn’t something that she had chosen for herself. So I can't hate her or despise her for this."

Anna's words made Daniel Taylor stunned. Anna's analysis showed that Johnson’s family behavior in treating Eliza had some problems.

He looked at Anna. He never expected that Anna’s point of view would be so different from others.


Elizabeth Johnson was coming as a guest. Anna went to prepare a room for her after supper. She cleaned the room well and added something to it.copy right hot novel pub