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Me Before You

Chapter 658

"Hello, aunt." Daniel Taylor politely greeted.

He heard what aunt said just now. So, the attitude towards this aunt was obviously friendlier.

Anna’s aunt looked at Daniel Taylor. His aura was strong, but he was very polite.

At first, she was a little nervous, but she was relaxed after noticing his polite attitude. Especially when she heard that they didn’t get divorced, she was happily surprised.

However, she did not ask Anna anything. She thought in front of Daniel Taylor it won’t be appropriate.

"You two talk," she said. Then she walked away and left the space for the little couple.

As soon as the aunt left, Anna went to Daniel Taylor. She could feel his bad mood even a few meters away. "What’s wrong with you? Who makes you unhappy?"

"No one." Daniel Taylor looked at Anna’s smile, put his hand on her face, and pinched it, "Have you been bullied?"

"Who dares to bully me?" Anna didn’t care about Amanda Jeff.

Daniel Taylor raised his mouth, "That’s good."

She didn’t say, and he didn’t force her.

Anna had strong self-esteem, especially when it was related to her family’s dispute she didn’t want him to be involved.

He knew that he would only embarrass her if he insists.

Anna’s mother was sleeping at this time.copy right hot novel pub